MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting – Undocumented Aliens

Enter the haunting dystopia of “Undocumented Files,” a sonic narrative forged by the mysterious duo known as Krank Pappa and C.GlöOmy . This enigmatic audio journey unveils its origins on a desolate and alien world, where survival is a constant struggle, and the music serves as a beacon of hope and connection.

Krank Pappa and C.GlöOmy , two undocumented aliens stranded on a planet shrouded in darkness, channel their profound isolation and longing into the haunting melodies and chilling soundscapes of “Undocumented Files.” Their music emerges as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, even in the face of an uncaring and merciless universe.

From the grim throes of industrial landscapes to the ephemeral glimpses of celestial beauty, the tracks in this album offer a glimpse into the emotional landscape of beings estranged from their true home. “Undocumented Files” is a sonic testament to their struggle, their yearning, and their indomitable will to survive.

As you traverse the shadowy corridors of their music, remember that each composition is a fragment of their souls, a fragile connection to the world they left behind. Krank Pappa and C.GlöOmy‘s soundscape is a reminder that even amidst the darkest of times, art has the power to transcend the boundaries of despair and bring solace to those who dare to listen.

Join Krank Pappa and C.GlöOmy in their sonic rebellion. Embrace their raw emotion. 

Unveil the obscured. Embrace the desolation.

Let the undocumented files tell their tale…