William Nurdin’s APDM, episode 17 – Sometimes it Happens

Au Pays des Merveilles is the name of William Nurdin‘s series of programmes for Radio On. The procedure is simple. William goes visiting friends; the y come together at some place and then they use instruments and non-instruments to create sound. From these afternoons Nurdin cuts a version for Radio On.

APDM#17 is a cut of five encounters. Not a culinary or panoramic ride through France but a whole different approach to the emotions and energy and expressions of every day life that can be found at a given place at a given time.

Radical, extreme, sometimes painful and unbearable, raw, sometimes poetic, dramatic, theatrical. From Lo-fi to low life to the quest for a life without having to bullshit around.


Those were my (Rinus) words


APDM #17 w/ G.Gasman, J.Bazar, B.stygue, S.Hub, S.Duguet, A.Duguet, Z.Mund, JP.Wallace,
J.Verdier, T.Verdier, A.Bienaimée, Maude, J.Toussaint, Utku Tavil, A.Elias, T.Strauss, J.Keller


Au Pays Des Merveilles from Nancy / Metz & Cornimont

26 May w/ G.Gasman, J.Bazar & friends
02 June w/ B.stygue, S.Hub, S.Duguet, A.Duguet
23 June w/ Z.Mund, JP.Wallace
30 June w/ J.Verdier, T.Verdier, A.Bienaimée, Maude, J.Toussaint
27 July w/ Utku Tavil, A.Elias, T.Strauss, J.Keller

APDM#17 broadcasts Sunday and Monday 04:00-05:00 and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 20:00-21:00 Berlin time all through August