Au Pays des Merveilles #19 by William Nurdin

Au Pays des Merveilles is the Radio On edit of William Nurdin’s travelling radio show callled A Propos de Minos. William goes places, meets up with sound makers and embarks on a sonic trip with unknown destination.
For Radio On he reworks the recordings and adds some location recordings to it.

William continues to do so with great discipline. As happens with all works that are marked by a big sense of repetition (in this case the repetition of the social/cultural gesture) the result of an inner logic surfaces. And it is in this respect that the APDM radio edits get an ethnomusicologic character and may well serve as a document to a researcher who has yet to be born.

The newest show I have given the subtitle : Excursions on the Edge of Tautology

APDM #19 w/ R.Reot, J.Bazar. – Au Pays Des Merveilles from Nancy / Vandoeuvres // December 22 / 29 & January 12th

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