APDM #22 – I’d Love to Change the World by William Nurdin and Friends

“Number 522 of the itinerant radio open stages session” you can read in William’s words. By now he should know what he is doing. I heard fragments of it when I was reading a novel set during The Great War, in the trenches of northern France. The sounds I heard connected with the visions provoked by the words I read.

Music brought to its borders, as William does, opens unexpected and unnoticed corners of the mind; it explores the boundaries of our freedom. It is a way of communicating, too. William Nurdin gets together with friends and friends of friends and creates this big sonic reality that moves like a cloud over French territory, much like a gas.

Word to William

Recorded on January 09th, 2017 on the stage (theatre) at Le Centre Culturelle André Malraux in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, in french territory.

This is the number 522 of this “ten years old itinerant radio open stages session” called : A Propos De Minos.

The guests were :

Romain Reot, Bastien Champenois, Julien Louvet, Joël Lattanzio, Teo Strauss, Victor Remy, Juliette Keller, Julien Thomas, Julien Roux, Lih Drouet, Amelie Gouzon, Sophie Zozka.

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