Nazlo Records presents Tbilisi dynamite part1

this time the event’s announce said ‘Free noise wednesday — celebrating the 33th anniversary of the greatest music release ever released — Tokyo dynamite by Gerogerigegege and also @noiseisdead birthday’ but it was actually originally supposed to be ‘Tokyo Anal Dynamite’ – apparently it was censored at some point – and after it was posted we heard about our friend’s (and one of participating band’s members’) club in Yerevan, Armenia being shot down by the police with a lot of violations and a lot of legal problems, so we decided to make it a fundraiser for them, but when it started they have already collected the amount needed, so it became even more meaningless, that it was supposed to be in the beginning – ot top of that i lost access to my account in messenger and public channel, so probably the audiens lacked two or three persons because of it, but i’m sure they had better time somewhere else. so, it was WEDNESDAY, 28th of JUNE featuring live performances from the legends of the new noise capital of the world: stillschweigendchurch of hateiatemyself.