Antonio Mainenti – Kim Pop

The making of this program is only possible because the image of Kim Jung, the leader of North Korea, has entered the collective consciousness. And he is there more like an icon that alludes as much to Walt Disney’s comic strip world as to the ironicly presented villain in the James Bond movies, as a person who is part of a global political reality.

Antonio Mainenti depicts Kim as a DJ. Through his choice of music the listener can imagine manners and moves of Kim, who, not so very long ago, as a teenager, lived the good life in a consumer’s paradise.

word to Antonio.

“Kim Pop
by Antonio Mainenti
ending theme by Roberto Fega
duration 30′

Kim is not a director

Kim hate Mickey Mouse

Kim is not hipster: is a punk

There is no future in England’s dreaming. No future for you, no future for me; no future, no future for you

Pyongyang is the future! A true (false) life story
Prince, G. Michael, R. Martin, North Korea propagand music, North Korea pop music, North Korea folk music, North Korea progressive music, Lambada, Mario Kart Theme, Machetazo (Tétrico).”

Antonio Mainenti -Kim Pop broadcasts all through December Sunday-Tuesday 12:00-12:30 and Sunday, Monday, Thursday 21:00-21:30 Berlin time (+8 for Pyongyang)