The Wirebender presents: Late Night Endless

Friday 20. February 19:30-21:00 BerlinTime marks the premiere broadcast of the wirebender’s new program.

Word to The Wirebender:
“The Wirebender presents David Asher and the Sounds of Sherwood Part 2. Adrian Sherwood’s remixes cover a huge range of artists ranging from reggae through to industrial rock and dance spanning three decades.”

“The second part of this program is part two of a series, Adrian Sherwood’s “Outside Productions”. These projects are mostly (with one exception) mixes done “for hire” and as such were not released through his On-U Sound imprint.”

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David Asher from Detroit’s The Process says::
“Sometime in the early 80’s I became acutely aware of the breadth and width of the Jamaican Dub Master Lee “Scratch” Perry’s work, and it’s incredible influence on music in general. I literally stumbled on to Lee Perry’s first collaboration with Adrian, 1987’s Time Boom X De Devil Dead, with Dub Syndicate. It was a real return to form for Lee, and needless to say, I became very intrigued with the On-U Sound label after that. I snatched up every record I could find in stores, Dub Syndicate, New Age Steppers, Tackhead, African Headcharge, whatever I could find.”

“Then, I began ordering the imported copies, direct from On-U Sound, and discovered many more great artists Adrian worked with. Still later, I began to discover the huge amount of re-mix work he had done, for other artists.”

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“Having had the chance to work with Adrian and some of the other artists in On U’s stable, remains an all time career highlight for me. In fact, I reckon Adrian Sherwood is peerless in music production today. In the history of recorded music, there are only a few producers who could hold a candle to him, Lee Perry being one.”

“It was a lot of fun selecting the recordings for these programs. Originally, it was to be just one show but I told The Wirebender, please lets do at least two, because there is so much incredible stuff, it could go on and on. So, I hope you have as much fun listening, as I did selecting these tracks we included in the program”

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Word to The Wirebender again:

“The second part of the Show features “Live from the Care Home” an exclusive mix of Sherwood’s latest collaboration with Robert Ellis aka “Pinch.” They have released their first LP Late Night Endless where Minimalist techno and Dubstep meets ON U Sounds arsenal of Jamaican dubsterity.”

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Finally word to the writer Robert Dellar, to put it all in perspective:

“Two typical tendencies exist of people who have lived through such experiences. The first group enjoys nostalgia and dwelling in the past, not trying to create the intensity but instead trying to find ways of remembering and celebrating it. The other involves romanticising that intensity, trying to find new ways to simulate it and perhaps looking for new situations where lessons learnt can be put to good use to create new, once again brief windows of freedom.
Once that impulse is in your mind its hard to let go. This cant be true for all of us ?”

From his Book, Splitting in Two- Mad Pride and Punk Rock Oblivion

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