Sonja Augart, Annette van Zwoll, Zeina Hanna and Sonja Heller present Choreographic Radio

A new program for Radio On is presented by Sonja Augart, Annette van Zwoll, Zeina Hanna and Sonja Heller. The program is called Choreographic Radio. It is the same program as is mentioned here.

In a very short manifesto it is said

“We’re into dance and don’t know much about radio. But we want to communicate and develop a discourse beyond geographic borders. We want to play and try things out. We want to connect, to make sense and to have fun. We want to make radio.”

The program starts with a preface in a playful way. Various points of ‘why radio’ and ‘what radio’ and ‘how radio’ are discussed, before the actual program starts.

There is the gendermirror image of the stereotypical ‘Dumb blonde’ to represent an also very stereotypical ignorant man. (satire!)

We hear dance soundscapes and other moments from the dancefloor.

A large part of the show is dedicated to Fe Reichelt (Master Student and assistant of Mary Wigman, co-founder of dance therapy in Germany). We hear her in a longer interview.

Choreographic Radio premiers on Saturday 20. June at 17:00 BerlinTime and will be repeated all through the coming weeks.

Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days