Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #10 – Berlin im Herbst

An eulogy to boredom, the moments without interferences.
The clock gives its marching orders to someone else, in an other part of town.

Little does one know about the grains of bliss that rest in lost hours.
The couch is a sanctuary.


For a moment things can do without our care, and exist for themselves.
No siren calls reach us from the refrigerator.

The view from the window shows a dying tree, black birds.
There is no-one to be seen behind the windows.


Then someone starts listening. The first melodies reach the ear.



———–Legends & Friends———–

1. Daniel Barbiero / Christiano Bocci – Quando il pubblico incontra le frequenze basse -  CD – Nostos (Greek for returning home)
2. Census Of Hallucinations – Nautilus – CD – Nothing is as it seems







3. Jack Ellister – Curator
4. Jack Ellister – Wishmachine
3/4 from LP – Tune up your Minister and start Transmission from Pool Holes to class o Hypergiants







LITTER LEGENDS …….Arthur Brown……

5. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Prelude – LP – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
6. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – 11 minutes excerpt from side A – LP – Strangelands –

Matratzen Damage






7. ALVARO – Pajarintos Manquehue
8. ALVARO – manana
7/8 from LP – ALVARO 70 –







8. Duell – I Don’t Wanna – LP – Back to Drunk

9. Rip Rig + Panic – Constant Drudgery Is Harmful to SOUL – double LP – GOD –

10. Ricky Leech – The Gin, The Gin, The Gin (Edit) – CD compilation – In the golden days of Lost Toys Records







11. Steve Kusaba – Unpredictable – CD – Semantic Ennui (part of the 48hour rock opera *Centrifugal Satz Clock*) - –

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