The Wirebender presents The Strummerville a Go Go Show

The Wirebender is the man behind The Wirebender. His shows focus on sounds from Adrian Sherwood’s vast archive, on readings and book presentations, the post-punk dub era and how it reaches into the present time. His latest is a focus on a project by The Joe Strummer Foundation.

Word to The Wirebender

Strummerville is the organisation set up by Joe strummers family and friends after his passing in 2002. Strummerville promotes and cultivates young people within music from London to Sirerra Leone .

I’ve been lucky to have organised shows with them before with Chris Salewicz, when he was compiling Strummers biography  “Redemption song.”

fast forward  to 2015

Radio On in Berlin are able to showcase some of the artists on the latest album produced at the studio in the Roundhouse London. The show is co-hosted by Marc Hebden of “Hebden’s Hifi “. Hebden’s Hifi have been purveying Dj culture for years now co-promoting On u sound artists and others.

Marc is also the drummer for The Rivals whose debut single was recently re-released .


Marc discusses his reasons for helping to promote Strummerville as well as his meetings with Joe and the Clash and his shared passion in music . Hebden’s Hifi close the show with a Friday night Jamboree of Mash ups and reggae niceness.

Strummerville track list

Rock the Casbah -Ranking Roger

(In 2014, Roger released Pop Off Your Head, including additional vocals and song writing from his son Ranking Jnr.Rock The Casbah is from this album -produced by Dopegrinder)

Young Offenders – Boys Are Out
Bless – Daddy Didn’t Make It As A Rockstar
Astrid’s tea party – Black Swan
One eyed Wayne  – Various artist

Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days.