Anne F Jacques – Sounds for the Post Peak Oil, episode 10

Anne F. Jacques’ shows are all about care. You can deduct from the ‘playlist’ here below how every single sound gets its place in the wonderfull gallery she composes from it. There is more behind this. Anne has created one of the most exclusive and at the same time inclusive cassette labels I know of. Far away from the digital representation, the hip and the hype it exists only as that what it is: a tape with music on it, a wrap with stamped information and a few illustrations that come from stamps as well, and she doing it, of course. Get an idea on her website. And get a tape by sending her a postcard, or your tape, or a picture of your bicycle.

The new post peak oil show in her own words

“some objects put in motion and scraping against each other, inside an old bank vault; birds singing in indianapolis, as recorded and sent to me by the mail, alongside other sounds sent to me by the mail like super 8 by rinus van alebeek, a cdr named after the symbol of V powers the delta letter, by melophobia, komhths by kostis kilymis, sent by somebody else; 2 excerpts from a long living room improvisation with Takuji Naka in Kyoto last fall; and some melted samba.”

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