Agn̬s Pe РMitt Pat̩ #7

Agnès Pe, who hails from Madrid, is our new friend here on Radio On. She will bless us and you with her programs as from today.

Meet Agnès on various locations around the web to get an idea of her art and interests: Agnè, Agnès.glue, Agnè, Agnès.window, Agnès.gggg and Agnès.Fb.

If you jump on your digital bicycle and go visit those abovementioned places you can get a first impression of the show, Mitt Paté #7, that Agnès has put up for us.

I say, after a long run, starting of with the emblematic John Heartfield and his photomontage, collage as an art form has reached a newer and way more exciting level. Simply because it is finally detached from the grim world of political reality and is an expression of a new 21st century independent culture.

Radio On is very proud to present Agnès Pe, more than a DJ.

Here’s the playlist.

Nalpas – good morning
Rémi Forcadell – tchin, tchin
Anime Sonicmega – Genocide Papyrus [AU]
Sympa – yo

mittpate copy

Harald Schluck And The Spechte – Schenk Nochmal Ein Agrupación Real y Castiza Madrileña – Tom Pillibi
Death Drum – Global Abortion Mechagrind Blast
HVGKB Zachary Chacon – No Satisfaction (Rolling Stones cover) unknown fucker i have no idea about – Oberek

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 23.57.51 copy
Food court 97 – bat rat de thong
Senny i Kalesijski zvuci – Ljubi komso
Ben Simon – Circuit Bending #3
Jose Maceda – Archival sound series
ᐃડके իᓐl:ልቲነдន – sapbeastinthetrap

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 00.05.27 copy

Dj Ruffty – Jelly Sandwich
Jingle music by hour
Mutantswing – LEIF GW hellsar joulen welkoam
Dj Máquina de Muerte – ansosory (Morrisey cover)

Voices: Audrey, Thomas, Rosa

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Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 00.05.27 copy