Choreographic Radio Number Three

Choreographic radio is an experiment started by a group of choreographers. With each new episode they try to find out how radio can be used in their practices. Number three shows two sides of this approach. It presents an intuitive part and a theoretical part. (As a listener and a non-adept at the world of dance) I could clearly visualise the stage, a dancer and the thoughts of the dancer in the intuitive part. The theoretical part presents the discussions, but also the exercises and thus offers a view on the workings and dealings of dance practitioners.

Library 15

Word to Annette van Zwoll

“It is wintertime but this third broadcast of the Choreographic Radio starts with a bit of summer. With August, to be precise. Back then, the radio team visited the international dance festival Tanz im August. Ana Trincao turned those recordings into a fascinating soundscape, conveying the atmosphere of the festival.”

“Most of the broadcast though is dedicated to the theme of Verweigerung: to refuse, to deny, to do nothing. This theme is based on the Temporary Library and the workshop with philosopher Alice Lagaay, which were organized by Tanzbüro Berlin and ZTB (Zeitgenössische Tanz Berlin e.V.) in the frame of the latest Branchetreff in Oktober 2015.”

“Annette van Zwoll talks with choreographers Sonja Augart, Camilla Milena Feher and Martina Ruhsam and co-organiser of the Library Anne Passow, about how they put the topic of Verweigerung into practice. The conversation is interrupted for some relaxing time with the Body Awareness exercises of Sonja Augart and some fascinating music compilations of Camilla Milena Feher.”

“And yes, every now and then, you hear a Gecko.”



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