The Wirebender presents Ghetto Priest special by David Asher, part two

Part two of a masterly mixed show by David Asher. It starts of smooth and mellow, almost suitable to hear in the background when you drink your latte, and then, halfway it becomes steaming and militant. At one point you will hear mention of the year 1868. You can start your research on that, here.


Says The Wirebender

The Wirebender hosted by guest Detroit’s David Asher Presents Part two of a three part special featuring the music of Ghetto Priest. Ghetto Priest aka Squidz is one of the most flamboyant, creative performers to have emerged from the London music scene in the past few years. Like the community from which he hails, Ghetto Priest is a man at ease with multiple musical visions. Walk through the streets of London and you begin to grasp the flow and the rhythm that has produced his unique sound. It’s a community of exchange; African/Caribbean and Irish, Asian and English, each mixing and informing the other, lending beats and grooves, keeping things fresh and new. This episode features his solo work, including rare and unreleased tracks from On U Sound Mastermind Adrian Sherwood, along with collaborations from Asian Dub Foundation, James Hardway aka David Harrow and many others.


Says Ghetto Priest

“Well yes I was a percussionist and backing vocalist for African Head Charge  that was my catalyst for the wider world . I was going through sound system being a bad boy I was just raving .with my . gangster  mates that’s how we grew up .”

“ In the 80’s you didn’t belong  to any particular sounds system .. You were always collaborating..   You did it naturally any sound system  and  I’d go on the mic.”

“I still get to do that now with producers it goes deeper with my Rasta roots the name Levi i am from the house of Levi . I represent the “Priest.”

“The very essence of it means “to entwine” to collaborate.”

“…It’s  a rebellion coming from the days of the Maroons .. its that “anti mentatlity “.. its that “anti system” anti down -pression . Its like a spirit that is constantly in your face   I don’t care how big and strong …its wrong and were are not having it . and for people like ourselves who are vessels  we are sent to do this thing.”

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