Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #17 – the good air of winter, almost gone.

Winter has gone, some of its last breaths of fresh air blow around street corners and buildings. LL greets the coming of springtime with waves of folkland music from various places of the world, and gives some gastronomic advices along the way. Listen to an hour of real organic home-grown music.


Says LL

…..ART and WIT and HUMOUR…
..back and forth in time..
…….and good FOOD!

1. Horst Jankowski – Donkey Serenade – LP – Traumklang und Rhytmus mit Horst Jankowski –

2. Ken Montgomery / Conrad Schnitzler – second part of side 2 – MC – Ken Montgomery praesentiert Musik von Conrad Schnitzler, recorded at Erloeserkirche Berlin, East

3. Monday Machines (Cary Grace) – Alive – CD – Monday Machines


4. Al Sunrise – Wuiderergulasch
5. Al Sunrise – An Hackl Beinand
4 / 5 CD – im Himme –


>> A visit at LA BUCHE – good FOOD and MUSIC!!!
6. La Buche – Homage a Jean-Paul Beaulieu
7. La Buche – En passant dessous la porte Saint-Jean
(Philippe Amyot, Sylvain Neault, Rejean Clouet, Francois Couture, Frederic Droiun play while YOU eat) CD – Musique & Cuisine Quebecoise Vol.01 – Restaurant  – Music and Info 


8. Tir Na Nog – The Angelus – CD – The Dark Dance

9. Eric Brace & Peter Cooper – Love was the price – CD – C&O Canal

10. Antoine Villoutreix – Des Fleurs – CD – Paris Berlin

tape loop

Don Campau sends 90 tapes a week to the Data Base…
11. J.C. What does a cup of coffee mean
12. Donald Campau – Paralyzed by the very thought –
11 / 12 double MC – International Sound Communication Compilation, Vol. 15 – Man’s Hate Productions


13. Hermanos Guzanos – Cavegirl Love – CD – The Worm People – Darrel Draeger of Hermanos Guzanos hosts the GREATEST MONSTER MOVIE MUSIC blog these days

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