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LL goes to the movies. He grew up in Berlin. That’s why he knows what it means. Take a look at this list and discover for yourself, that the city you live or lived in, visited once or more often is, has figured in numerous movies. It is almost impossible to leave your house and avoid to walk right into an imaginary movie, or onto the streets that have become immortalized. So, if you are in Berlin, put on your headphones, connect to Radio On, and start visiting those movies.

Here’s the address book.

1. Zinkl & Nero – Vampir
2. Zinkl & Nero – Prinzessin
1/2 – CD – kinder der nacht –

3. Damir Bojanic – Side A 3 – MC – …
4. Cumbias Choras – Side B excerpt – MC – Multitasking
5. Giorgio Dursi – Side B 1 – MC – Polimorhonia
3-5 MusicCassettes – limited Editions – Das Andere Selbst

6. Turkey Makes Me Sleepy – Such a shame – CD_R – Odyssey Of A Gravy Boat  –

7. Xposed 4Heads – I’m not Social – CD – Choose to Be Human –

8. Hermanos Guzanos – Some Night Action
9. Hermanos Guzanos – And Life goes on
8/9 – CD – The Worm People – Hermanos Guzanos members host the MONSTER MOVIE MUSIC blog these days
10. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester – Lancet Bossa Nova – CD with booklet and bonus tracks – Raumpatrouille Orion

11. Sendelica – Vellichor – limited colored vinyl LP – The Cromlech Chronicles
12. Zinkl & Aquimia – Vampirella’s Ark – CD – underwater
13. Michael McDaeth – Sugar Headache – CD – Sacred Cow



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