Mitt paté #12 by Agnès Pe

Can you remember all the books you ever read and condense the experience to one single moment, or the movies you saw, the people you met, the dishes you ate, the loves you had?

Is it possible to remember – simultaneously- all the musics you ever heard?

And what will happen if you do? Will it bring back smiles, smells and memories of the youthful days, that have just dispappeared around the corner?

Is Mitt paté such an attempt to bring together all memories and store them for a near future?

Is it time that a musicologist or a scholar of any other discipline should consider to make a study of the Mitt paté series?

¿¿Is one question mark enough??

Please take notes, here’s the playlist


The mad – I hate music // Bizordec – So that’s what actually happened // 087Alfred – SublimEdd // Arnaud Coutancier – Village bar // Total Shreds – The Beach Boys // MireFixtape – Remove Trap // Manikin – F is for… // Fred Van Hove – Marche Finale // Philiponbread – Looking for Gobi’s Valley // Scott – this is my suicide note // Carly Ptak – Your a Few // Plasst – Erator // Total Shreds – Nirvana (smells like teen spirit) // Mutfak Robotu – Ofenshlüpfer // JL Maire – Ponds (for Thoreau) // Yuzo Kayama – (Edit) (Ripped Version) // Signor Benedict the Moor – Zed // Luc Ferrari – Music Promenade // Tascam Pe – argue is aigua // Sodero’s Band – The Warbler’s Serenade // Randy Greif – Alice in Wonderland // Jean Bach – Tautened Stimmen // Ghedalia Tazartes – untitled 4 // Kyoukq – just jump all in your face // Harshhorse – Wanking the stallion // Ho Shreds – Celine Dion // D.L.I.M.C. – I hope B.P. Explodes // Okaniwa Fumihiro – Okaniwa is Dada part 1 // Zebra Zebra – Introduction to Bubble Wrap // Si char’ tis’i – Canción del pulque // Tim OST’s – Gerudo Valley (Beta Mix) // Crazy Pineapple (Piña loca) // Sonnerie Nokia

Voices: Emma, Rose Agnès Pe, 2016


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