Tape Review Show – Special on Tape label Tutore Burlato (parts 1 & 2)

I first heard about Ezio Piermattei through a review by Ed Pinsent in his Sound Projector. He wrote about one of his works: “created from voice, objects, instruments, tapes, electronics, etc.❠this is a highly perplexing and unfathomable trawl through sound-episodes of great absurdity and surprise…we never really understand what we’re hearing, how it’s made, or what it means, but it’s impossible to stop listening here…” Since I trust Ed’s taste and insight I decided to get in touch with Ezio. After an exchange of works, my curiousity grew when I saw this tweet by Ed Pinsent, with a fine selection of tapes released by Ezio Piermattei’s tape label Tutore Burlato.

I wrote again and Ezio responded with a most generous packet, and a second packet as a follow-up. Now I am the proud owner of the complete catalogue of his label.

The tape review shows 1&2, that Adrian and I (=Rinus Van Alebeek) dedicated to three tapes, follow the same formula. We introduce the tape, describe art work, give a bit of information on the who’s and what’s, play one side of the tape in its full length and give an extensive comment on the tape, which can range from technical, theoretical to impressionist.

Tapes played in part 1 were

Tutore Burlato #05  Dan Melchior – Human of Stow side 1


Tutore Burlato #08 Final Seed/Dylan Nyoukis split cassette, Dylan Nyoukis side – Encephalon Cracks.

The tape played in part 2 was The Custodians of the Realm – Moribund Mules and Muskett Fire, side 1

Podcast part 1


Podcast part 2

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