Jeff Reed – Disastronaut 36 Hours in Berlin, Interview

Before you start listening to the interview with Jeff Reed, who operates also under the moniker disastronaut, you might as well let go of all information you can find about him on the net. And if you have met him already, or belong to his circle of friends, then here’s a very nice portrait of him, a close-up made by Adrian Shephard, while Jeff was on a 36 hours visit to Berlin.

Berliners, and those expats living in Berlin tend to forget about the near history. Yes, it is there, much like the billboards or the always passing S-Bahn, but it is rarely explored. Jeff went to Oranienburg to walk around the abandoned concentration camp Sachsenhausen and its SS-Bakery. He found stories about Berlin citizens, who ended their lives there. And he tells the stories.

The Sachsenhausen stories are one part of the swing. At the other side there are the leaders who caused Brexit, Nigel Farage and his German connections, and the tornado storm from the other side of the Atlantic, called Trump.

Reed, an American in the UK, gives voice to a cultural feeling of displacement and despair, without actually accentuating who, in this pantomime of worldly actions, is displaced from where and what.

There is talk of Berlin as a free-haven for bohemia, and there are his fragile compositions in which he tries to catch all the thoughts and emotions, that went through him in those 36 hours spend in Berlin.


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