The Wirebender presents The Process -interviews, tracks and remixes ft Adrian Sherwood and Nissenenmondai

The show starts with an interview. The Wirebender calls in from London. David Asher and Skip McDonald answer the call in Detroit. Chicago? What is the reason that such a long-distance connection should be established?

One clue to the answer is Ras Seymour Mclean. He is also the gentleman in the picture above.

And the following is part of his story, word to The Wirebender:

#Return The Treasures”  featured in the Wirebender’s show the album by THE PROCESS, “Who Is That Mad Band?”, was inspired by the tireless work of Ras Seymour Mclean, in his efforts to return the treasures of the fortress of Magdala in Ethiopia, which was looted by the British in 1868, back to the land where they belong. The holy relics and crown jewels are held to this day, in the British National museum.”

The content of the show

‘Return The Treasures’ features Skip McDonald aka Little Axe, Ghetto Priest, Mikki Sounds, Adrian Sherwood and the voice of the mighty Lee “Scratch” Perry.

The Show features interviews with Skip Macdonald Little Axe and David Asher The Process  recorded in Detroit/london.

The interviewed is followed by mixes from the On u sound vaults  David Harrow and Adrian Sherwood at the controls and the Rex Offender providing some dub mash ups
In the last part we have Adrian Sherwood with Nissenenmondai recorded live in Japan.”

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