Don Campau – Hidden Tapes, Two sides of the same Spool.

In the wake of tape

and magnetic witnesses

the great ape and miss america

finally date, dance and donate

Deathsquad/ Let Them Eat Crap/ Vague Memory and Assassination/ cassette UK 2001
Grasp/ You’re So Young/ Espurios/ cassette UK 1996
Moonpump/ The ZRevolution Will Be televised / Patent Pending/ cassette UK 1996

Marjorie/ Rien Ou Moi/ Rien Ou Moi/  cassette 1995? France
Fetishes/ Reduced/ Herbicides Or Pesticides/ cassette Australia 1995
The Fuds/ Abduldaulbul/ The Fuds/ cassette Hong Kong 1995

John Bartles/ Used To Be A Preacher/ Fire Engine 201/ cassette Norway 1991
Two Compartments/ Death Is Between/ Temperature By 1000 C/ cassette 1995 Russia
G.P.U./ Produktion Phase 1/ Zone Urbaine/ cassette 1992 France


Okaniwa Fumihiro/ Keieiiohtaiansulu 1/ Keieiiohtaiansulu/ Gendai cassette  Japan 1994
Brain Ink/ Journey To The Centre Of The Soul/ Notre Dame 5/ EE Tapes cassette Belgium 1990
Dither/ DTH7/ Dither/ cassette 1992 France
Kelektrik/ 12-06 / Cyber Elemental/ cassette 1990 France


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