Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – The dark days are almost Gone

An introspective show by LL, this one, maybe inspired by a couple of long and calm songs. It adds an almost lost feeling of silent boredom. This is not a dismissive observation. In the twentieth century, during the days before the second coming of the internet, boredom added to the feeling of being rooted in a time. It gave way to a sense of nothingness, of a very sweet nothingness. And it had nothing to do with the loudmouthed nihilism we experience today.


1. Trio Beau Soir – Excerpt from *Dichterliebe* – CD – Robert Schumann, Kinderzenen, Dichterliebe – –
2. Dan Mischa Goldman – Sleepwalker – CD – Champion of the Afterworld – contact / info
3. John Howard – Who Cares – CD/LP – Across the Door Sill


4. Alvaro – Randevous – CD_R single
5. Alvaro – Mums Milk Not Powder – CD_R – Lonely Piano
– re_release of the original 1979 LP *Mums Milk Not Powder* via Feeding Tube Records
6. Hal McGee / Debbie Jaffe – Collage using *Commentary 6 + Live at the Sanctuary* – double CD – Invisible Shadows – Early Jaffe & McGee Tape, a personal zine by Hal McGee


> … LIVE in EUROPE…..!
7. JoyfulTalk – Buschbabies – CD – Muuixx —LIVE Dates


8. Richard John-Riley – Your Honesty – 12″ single/mini album 21 minutes 45rpm yellow vinyl – at Those Old Record, Rugeley, Staffordshire, U.K.
9. Don Campau – al’oud
10. Don Campau – achy breaky heart


CD – Interim Assignement
11. Max Paul Maria – No More Love Songs
12. Max Paul Maria – A Memory, A Wild Hope
CD – Figurines

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