The Tape Review Show with Loe Lof Lon (MuteAnt Sounds) and Flocculi (Tutore Burlato)

This edition of the Tape Review Show is a-typical. Apart from lecturing about fossiles in space we also review a CDr we received in the post. (Please remind, if you’d like to send something, to write ‘For Rinus’ somewhere on the envelope, and not at the top of the address list like in the picture above.) This is why: Gori Loeloflon wanted his music to be played by our radio very much. In fact he wants that everyone plays his music, and that’s why he gives it away for free. Yes play for free, and it will rain manna on your poor aching head, but that’s another story in our corporate world.

Gori sent us a link, (and many more that you can copy/paste from the letter you find elsewhere on this page). But that’s not how things work at Radio On. You send something in the post, or you simply ignore us. Gori made a CDr, because he probably doesn’t know how to mail a tape. He put the CDr in an envelope, sent it to the address above (and please note: write ‘For Rinus’ somewhere on the envelope, and not at the top of the address list like in the picture above) and we eventually got it and played some of the tracks, and reviewed them. Well done! Now why send us things by post, you might ask. It is because we open your envelope live on air, read the letter and describe the content. That’s why. Besides, netlabels are boring.

We also reviewed a tape in the show and played side 1 of Flocculi – Gare delle Facce. It is one of the 16 tapes Ezio Piermattei sent us. And with time we will play them all, and have them reviewed as well. Tutore Burlato is a label that deserves anyone’s support. And this tape by Flocculi is a true gem. Check these reviews by Ed Pinsent on The Sound Projector if you would like to read someone else’s opinion.

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