MITT PATÉ #15 – Hand in Hand with Time

At minute 9 I thought the show was coming to its end. At minute 14 I expected the last tunes any moment. Agnès had been a flaneur, walking the streets without hardly touching the pavement, and she had been an underwater swimmer watching with growing wonder and excitement how the sunlight tried to break through the surface. But after minute 14 I lost it. The show explodes and you don’t know where to look. Sizzles and sparkles, miniatures and possessed dolls, old postcards and fading ink, it comes, it goes and together all of them deny the existence of time. I guess this is creative force, or call it art. Agnès Pe will go a long way.


Individual Distortion – Welcome to my paradise sucks // White Uploader & Emamouse – 毎分の ちゃん // Kavkazmusic – Abkhazian Lyrical Music // Macula Dog – Third Rail Finance Aerobics // Vertonen – BRR Benefits // JML/TS – Untitled #1 // Macroelvis supremos – Strangers in the Night // The Caretaker – Take care of your Enthusiasm // Jake Tobin – Not Upset it’s fine // The Gerbils – Wet Host // Cheeseball – nuclear throne // Thomas Arras – A.B.C. // Pure fucking unified nails – untitled 1 // HUM♥NIGHTM♥RE – Karma // Macula Dog – Gross Roack // Padahal Gua Gual – Anak Gaul Anjing // Foxdye – Monster of Meme // ???? – Eisbr // Walter de Maria – Ocean music // ylearkisto – suckles happy veteen // robin hood76 – underwater bubbles // Roger Payne – Songs of the Humpaback // the sqrt minus 2 – I’ll name this when I get home // Cathy Lane – Bath // Duke S. – Hymne aux miles du crepuscule (temple de Teratornis) // Andrea Parkins – Variation to the Almost
Infinite // Cret – have vün // gaÊŸeÉ´ tɪptoÉ´ – ヾ((・v・人・v・○)ノloloヾ((・v・人・v・○)ノ //Eskinsehir – Apsua Kosara // Ledakan Urbanises – Lagu super katro abs! // ideate – Gingham style is funny! // LuxSomnium – kaito gagnam style

Voices: Harry

Agnès Pe, 2017

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