Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #30 – Resistance is never Futile

LL starts the show playing lullaby’s. The unprepared listener may think that LL wants to close his eyes and shut himself off from the world. Everyone seems to go crazy; and everyone needs to shout louder louder loudest. The unprepared listener may think that LL is setting off for a daydream. But this is not the case. We hear music by people who don’t have any second thought. They make music because they feel like it. And they make the songs you hear, because there is no-one to tell them what songs they should play. This show pays tribute to a microcosm of home-producing artists. Every song is a welcome to someone’s world. Every song is a modest act of resistance.


1. Aura 5 – Source D’eau Douce – CD – Land Sea Air
2 Ken Elkinson – Northeast Cradle Song – CD – around the globe in a lullaby, vol. 2
3.Omneity – Wellness – CD – Chants for Meditation
1-3 Ken Elkinson

4. Kevyn Dymond – Strange Dimension
5. Kevyn Dymond – Island of Dreams
4/5 Kevyn Dymond – CD – Jar of Time – probably the only releasing musician with no connection to the internet – if you’re interested, write to LL

6. Captain of the Lost Waves – Another Plant – CD – Hidden Gems, chapter 1

7. Breadwinter – Mr. Noir
8. Breadwinter – Becoming (excerpt as background for introduction reading of LEVEL the facsimile edition December 2016)
7/8  – CD – Breadwinter 3

9. LEVEL – mail art DIY small press photocopy art first issue published jun 1982 facsimile edition december 2016
.. 7-9 available via haltapes

10. The Nomen – Santos Bay
11. The Nomen – Trident of Neptune
10/11 CD – The Blackest Day

12. New Zero God – Deadly Dollhouse
13 New Zero God – Ouroboros
12/13 CD – Short Tales and Tall Shadows

14. Crystal Awareness and Don Campau – Distributed Hash Tables – CD – Overlay Network

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