Radio On Brandstifter – Interview

On one of those normal anonymous mid-winter days in Berlin, when half the world is coughing and the other half is sneezing, on a day that the sun peeked through the clouds, and the U-Bahn trains were full of people who didn’t know where to go, and thus ended up travelling between stations, on such a mid-winter day that makes you think and hope that springtime is not far away, and that soon the rents might go down again, and Berlin will return to being a dirty poor town, without too many dedicated followers of fashionable shops, stores, drugs and clubs, on such an ordinary, unpretentious mid-winter day, a visitor from out of town came to our studio and talked a bit.

It was Brandstifter. He lived in the fair city of Mainz, where centuries ago printing was invented by a fellow called Johannes Gutenberg. That’s why we have books and libraries. Brandstifter started a whole new idea of library, the asphalt bibliotheque. We talked about Mainz, Gutenberg, picking up written and printed matter from the sidewalks, fluxus and epileptic piano’s. You will also hear Brandstifter’s brand new tape Die Stereoiden des Merz, released by spam. The tape is great.

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