Interview with Berlin Chansonoise Coco

Coco came from Hamburg when she made the move to Berlin a few years ago.

Hamburg? Isn’t that the German town where a harbour’s nightlife met up with illusions for the common people and gave birth to Springer Verlag?

Coco didn’t open a nightclub called Brutal Happy Tapes in Berlin. Maybe that’s a pity. But maybe she didn’t, because she grew up in Germany’s self-proclaimed Utopia: Freistaat Bayern! People from Bavaria run wurstclubs. Brutal Happy Wurst.

As always, it is utterly unpredictable where the show will take us. This flyer designed by Coco might give an idea, if you’re good at solving riddles.


“Now after the Radioshow with Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek I definitely know that zombies live in the suburbs of London, during the day eat pudding, sex with cars is such a thing and yodeling with Rinus is just great. I had a lot of fun” – Coco



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