Don Campau – Deep Poetry

Don has already shipped many cassettes to the upcoming tape museum in Zeppelin City, Germany. And the deeper he dives into his huge archive the more obscure become his foundlings. This time he has put together a show rich with variety, including some very obscure examples of spoken word/ sound poetry. Wait for the right moment and press record. Here’s the playlist.

M.O.T.O/.  But Of Course/ Bandit G5/—-cassette 1990s? USA
The Molecules/ Guilt Trip/ Steel Toe/ —cassette 1991 USA
Steve Tetzloff/ Don’t Know Why/ Aragon/ Meteor Face cassette 1985 USA

Bad Boy Butch Batson/ I Love A Girl Named Donna Epps/ Ywisted And Bent/—cassette 1988 USA
Charles Laurel/ Only So Long/ Normal Music/Specific Ocean cassette 1989 USA
Roadkill/ Quadraplegic Olympics/ Guitar Vomit/Flying Bomb cassette 1989 USA

Tom Calderon/ Sweet Poison/ Fanatic’s Pulpit/—cassette 1990 USA
Not Daniel Johnston/ McDonalds- Looking For A Cat/ How, Hi Are You/—cassette 1986 USA
Echidna Aukstyn/ Ladko Vidurys/ Rambyes Studiija/ —cassette 1991 Lithuania

Earth/ View From The Docks…/ Princess/Music And Elsewhere cassette 199? UK
ONQ/ Be Delicate/ The Supine Waste/  Best Kept Secret cassette 2001
Master/Slave Relationship/ Missing The Mark Again/ Throwing It To The Wind/ Cause And Effect cassette 198? USA

Clay Vause/ Love Problems And Pipe Bombs / Film Nocturnal/ GGE cassette 1987 USA
Tocsin/ Paradigm Thought Control/ TRT cassette 1994? Canada

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