Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #34 – Reading out Loud

Lord Litter is happy. The weather is fine. The music is good. He listens. He listens to the words and hears something about the town he lives in. He hears about changes. He reads out loud those words. It is a postcard. Silence burns a hole in the show. Use it to take a look inside.

1. Felidae – No right to remain silent – CD – Baby Someday
2. LL reading the lyrics of *At The Backyard (Berlin Edit)*
3. Felidae – At The Backyard (Berlin Edit) – digitalsingle

4. LL reading the lyrics of * Sold my Soul*
5. Root Deco – Sold my Soul
6. Root Deco – We come in Peace?
5/6 CD EP – A Taste of Root Deco

7. LL reading the lyrics of *Nuevo Mundo*
8. Saber Systeme – Nuevo Mundo
9. Saber Systeme – Ikaye
CD – Nuevo Mundo

10. Cary Grace – Without a trace – CD single
11. Cary Crace – Limelight – CD – Tygerland


13. Astralasia – North Star – double LP color vinyl gatefold sleeve – info about releases and FESTIVALS

> LITTER LEGEND ………………………….
14 Edgar Broughton Band – Out Demon’s Out – CD – Keep them Freaks a Rollin’, Live at Abbey Road, December 1969 – Broughton Blog


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