Modified Tape Review Show – Thirsty Leaves, Fag Tapes, Power Moves, Bed Bugs

Played and reviewed

One by Magam

Rock and Roll

Family Title I&II by Step-Son

Fruit Rosary Sacred Hour Service by KWC

The harbour of Saloniki,
its narrow streets and the smell of grilled fish

the importance of understanding small edition releases as regional products
visiting an exhibition of slowly rotting fish and how that smells
spitting an extract of hot chili peppers on a hot plate
at the end of a performance and make your audience choke

a tape from Toronto and a mysterie murder in a church
power moles, who are you
trying to read miniature scripture and discovering an alchemist’s formula
the sermon at the end of the universe

fag tapes
the resurrection of Frankenstein’s Bride and
thunder and lightning over the Radio On studio
electric storms in Adrian’s head

remembering how Gene Pitney died
life in Detroit in 2016 when you suddenly find
an old Velvet Underground album in a thrift store

essay on having horns just like the early species of human sapiens once had
finishing off with a bed bug song.

This is what you can expect when listening to this Tape Review Show by Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek.

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