Mitt Paté by Agnès Pe – Summer in the City

You are not alone. We are not alone. Agnès Pe also gives her works and talents to the radio from the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrdi. And now she is here with us, to comfort us and to nurture us. Sweet sounds from the Disney world of eternal happyness and perfection, little demons locked up in the sink….hear them scream how they want to get out; a walk over a busy beach handing out icecream and pink smiles; pin-up girls and young guys playing football; the radio is happy and plays all the songs together, it is Summer and these are the melodies that made us smile and hang out at the beach bar a bit longer and together we circle around the village square on our little bicycle until we fall down laughing.


It is time for a lecture, but please forget the words.

A voyage deep into femininity.

That’s the new episode by Agnès Pe.



Mr Bean Intro // Fizzy Dino Pop – The land before time // KAORU TODOROKI [轟か おる] – AN DER SCHÖNEN BLAUEN DONAU (UTSUKUSHIKI AOKI DONAU) // Le Forte Four – Japanese Super Heroes // 【コメ付き】ご注 はうさぎですか – 第1 (OPまで) 全コメント【ニコ動】// Folk tunes from the two sides of the caucasus – Karachay Dancing – Song // Dem Hunger – Zebra Skull Make From Snack // Reynolds – 10.000 Chicken’s Symphony, Part 1 // Man is the Bastard – Pain of the Iron // CDR – Beethoven VS Hanatarash // Jason Lescalleeet – 6 // ‘State Of Mind Intro’ Official Scientology Music // Տ V N ✞ Λ – Slaughteryon // FA$HION $EN$E – Every single acapella in my collection over All-Star // Raggle Fraggle! – Justin Timberlake is your friend and he wants you to stop // Duck sound in HQ // Skiggz – donald duck 2 // Scottemoil – dicktoy quackers // skibkamusic – donald duck // mich3d – chicken // dumbshitthatjakazidmade – Get Clucky // Holger Hiller – Ohi oh bang bang // Dabunky – Are you not entertained // Various – My cover of Humble // Ансамбль «Дала фæндыр» – Хонга из спектакля «Сæтти æмæ Бæтти» // Da Fuol – A sweaty JOJO fandub (Ft Landy) // Paul K. – Softly, He Closes Your Eyes. Good Night! // Narry (SmellyFeetYouHave_Danne2) – My Little Airhorn // Ron Nagarcka – Lemarrcootya (Grey Thrush) // Feasting On Scaphism Remains – Omnipotence Paradox // Johannes Ockeghem – Missa Prolationum (Kyrie) // Goodiepal – Black Heart For Scandinavia – Future Shock (MAVEE OBJECT) // Cristian Sosa – Caribbean Blue (Enya) // Berio Molina – Lausela // jittels – hedge cut // tomlija – grass lawn trimmer mower // Husqvarna rider in action // Industrial Hydrophobia – Exploring The Depth Of The Void Pt. 4 // A. G. Cook – Hardstyle Skit // K2O4Li – Sampling is god // Kid Internet – Freestylin’ Heartbeats (Bomfunk MCs vs Grum) // WTF.FM – golfie teethballs // Dan – no Ura

Voices: Emma
Agnès Pe, 2017 (Madrid, SP)


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