The First Day of theYear-The First Person on the Street


On the first day of the year Radio On brings a deep insight in history and anthropology of Zombie-culture. Andy Gray, one of our guests, who, himself, has zombies growing in his back-yard, explains the backgrounds of zombie culture. One of the most important problems our guests are confronted with is what they would do if they were in their car in front of the Aldi, surrounded by zombies.

At the beginning of every four hour segment, yes this program comes to you in a four hour loop, Andy reads “The Good Parts” by Les Daniels. Additional noises provided by Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek radikalsatan-940x500

There will be also lots of music by Radikal Satan, Valerie Kuehne, the Iceland band Reykjavik!, Patrizia Oliva, Critikal, Zan Hoffman, Big City Orchestra and inserts from Tellus Cassette Magazines.


1. January. UnDead Day. A four hour program, broadcasted all day long.