Cassette Review: Storch Interior Extracts – Remote Assistance Failure

I fall into an endless series of bloobs.
I think of a house of mirrors and the endless reflections of self
perhaps a good location for any novel or movie
that needs endless reflections of reflections on self.
A sonic equivalent of a house of mirrors with
mothers with crying children.
A car alarm that triggers all the other alarms in town
a kaumgomball machine that doesn’t stop shooting balls

Theo from Cellar Tapes asked if he could send the tape
and I said yes. We had a short mail exchange
a friendly one.
The tape arrived, it was a sign of faith.
I started and stopped listening to the tape.
I realised I had to dedicate time and patience.
Which I did. I got rewarded.

There is a story that I found.
A young man or woman comes to town.
It is the first time. A new start in a new home.
The first impressions are chaotic, hectic.
Where to go, where to look, who to friend, who to love?
He (or she) slowly finds its way.
The everyday environment retreats
impressions find inner guidance.
There is music. Periods of inner thought.
And bliss.

I find a message.

There are days in life
when the moment feels so strong and complete
that it escapes from memory.
The light of an early Summer day
as it falls on the furniture in the room
To sit in the kitchen and simply enjoy it.

There are moments in life
when the day seems
to reflect itself
And then you can hear music rise above it.

Cellar Tapes