Junie Crawford – Easy (fourth transmission)

The fourth transmission by Junie Crawford, our man in Montreal. Slowly his radio pieces evolve into fragments of a larger epic story. Those who want to hear, can sense the presence of a wide land with all its history and its future possibilities. A big city in the northern part of the Americas, and a Winter that’s closing in.

Junie says:

“it is a hard thing, a very hard thing: to be kind, to be easy, to love completely.

materials ::

iphone 5s, logic pro x, marantz pmd222, zoom h4n field recorder, SM58, some bells, rainwater, a recording from Easton PA in June of 2015, the rope I kept by my bed last summer, a made bed, dusted cassettes, a dirty rag, and a dance nora taught me on duluth and de bullion.

credits ::

remixes a track by Eliot Roby called “purdie and an elevator fan”, which includes a beat by Bernard Purdie.

this episode is dedicated to Nancy Sue Pair-

for more than i could ever put down.”

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