Junie Crawford: Garden 95 – New Devotional (Episode 7)



Junie is our youngest Radio On host. His ears and intuition are close to music, and immersed in life. At such a young age the space of the land is infinite and time is endless. The music that helps to define his life now is the dark room of his future, where he will develop some of his memories.

Junie says:

This is an attempt to document a very American sound, and a very American feeling.

The first and only show where it’s (mostly) other people’s music.

Cooking – Undressed
Unrecovery – Cinder
Rachel Getting Married – Okay
Junie – New Devotional
Rachel Getting Married – Close
Unrecovery – Next To
No Friends – Cold Inside
Ruth Valdez – This Cash
No Friends – Love Theme

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