June Crawford – Garden.95 (Dust 030)

After a break June Crawford is back with a new episode of Garden. June has been to Berlin in the meantime, appeared as a guest on a Radio On show, and used some of these experiences for his new composition. A guitar, voices, slowly evolving narratives, is this an example of the next big step in American folk music?

June’s words:

clearly the dust / in the clearing, a vision / slowly fading out / to fall on slough / it keep it close to my chest / i changed a lot since last time we met / i need 2k in cash a month and snow tires / i need new drugs / i need in general / and that is the worst of it / i wish i could shut up forever.

featuring aspects of “Svay” and “The Moon (Microphones cover)” by Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre / Phil Elverum

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