Don Campau – Back to 1992

Now that Don Campau has sent all his tapes to Zeppelin City, where, one day, they might become a part of a giant exhibition, Don travels to his past radio days. The second time travel show was recorded on tape and offers an insight in a day in the life of a community radio somewhere in the woods of California. The show opens with Don’s mini pop-opera Helter Skelter, with fake or real excerpts of Charles Manson’s diary. All the rest is history, living history to be precise.


(Rebroadcast from 26 April 1992 on KKUP-FM)

Joe Menichetti & Don Campau/ untitled
Don Campau & Charles Laurel/ Helter Skelter
Ring Cha Cha/ Chiff Chuff
O’Roonies/ Ee I Ee I O

Andy X/ We All March On
Screamin’ Popeyes/ Brainforest
Hermanos Guzanos/ id
Dougzig/ Damnation

Grady Hazy/ Buy Me A Goose
Milena/ On Top
Verdun / Porkopolis
Zikkurat/ Czech LP

plus excerpts from 1992 cassette “Sterile Women’s Icy Majesty” on JS Labs

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