Tape Review Show – The Start Here collection by Andy Birtwistle, part 2

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In a little submarine . genderneutral mermaids vs black mermaids . mermaids and seahorses in Cornwall . mermaid anthropology and wet areas in Cornish churches . The Royal family and the mafia and the inbred zombies .

. We are not funny because we watched Andy Kaufman who was not funny . and there goes jean brobrobillard . What’s Holland like?


. The psychedelic experience of changing costumes in fast moving realities .


. Lecture on a dying fish in a fish tank as a gender issue. (includes the idea of sending a fish submarine with a red cross and the consideration of applying fish pathology) .

. The Haunted Fish Bowl, a bed time story .


. Die Welt von Gestern . read books . Stumbling through one handwritten page in Dutch . Terrible handwriting and sonic pulses . Kraków description .

Andy Birtwistle – conceptual tapes – the things tapes and machines do with tapes –  play chewed link! – Then Shephard and Van Alebeek tell the listener what the tape is about and mermaids, seahorses, sailors and sirens make a swift return to the narrative – unhappy love affair – life is chewing up everything that was running smoothly across the heads of time – batteries need changing – Marconi’s first message sent across the ocean –  read the instructions! – The Sound of Technology – substrata –


. Lecture on the horrors of walking the streets of Heerlen in times of cholera and christmas and how this connects to sound art and Andy’s chewed tape. (includes fragments of Sacramento by Middle of the Road) .


At the end of the show Shephard and Van Alebeek reveal a plan to rob the Vatican of its most precious treasure, T I M E and finally get rid of Christmas.



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