Tape Review Show – Do You Dream of Noise, Artetetra, Falt, Tutore Burlato

After a lot of problems to get the show on the tracks, Shephard and Van Alebeek set out to play tapes that arrived in the post and confess how the sounds saved their souls. You can find more information about the tapes by following the links.

Sophorus windscale #1 burned toast vinyl windscale pile #1 windturbines do you dream of noise…zoo porn vs zoo marine, looking at fish during the mating season, music for zoos after closing hours – masturbating panda’s , music from Sweden, sauna music, Ingmar Bergman and his reli-porn movies.

Guided autism, cubism, poetry reading, Giorgio Dursi, ArteTetra: haheeehmwuhaheeehaahuu, ayhee yaa lapidabidaaa, weee woo wiiii, uhm uhm uhm hmphimk. What is the difference between authentic sound poetry and authentic sound poetry.

Children’s art work tells you something about the parents, Rose buried in sand dissolving tape, Falt, improve your skills by imitation, study your enenemy, Japan, everyone is an Elvis cover band, a dentist’s breakfast with little chains attached to the cups and saucers, steel teeth, yellowing clothes,

Tannenbaum box, wind mills and street lights, Swedish protestant porn, J.G. Sparkes, The Infinity Suite, nice, sex zoo, sci-fi Philip K. Dick kind of stuff, ultra violence in Berlin, a life in loops, spade fingers, we’re there, William Burroughs typewriter turning into a beetle, give way to your worse impulses.

Giovanni Lami, Tutore Burlato, Nagra reel-to-reel recorder, someone going around all day with a tape machine in their pocket, Ducati, Bugati, jealous, eroticisation of technology, pre-robotic nocturnal emissions, so porn us.


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