The Tape Review Show – The Moebius Loop

how to make different tape loops – a rabbit with a hat inside a snake – record in the past and play back in the past – loops on the edge of time –  time as a tape loop – playing a blank tape in a loud bar – soundtrack by a dead person – money as a concept and a game – stories of two dead gay mice, Proust and Poirrot – campfire sessions – description of the contents of the mysterious box – Michele Mazzani and his hikes in the mountains of the Ravenna region.

bone regenerator – by the way en français – french conversation lessons – cook, crook, chef, Jean Gabin – how to say ‘by the way’ in various languages – french subtitles – Yves Montand – Radio On satellite flying over your home – struggling with a download code – remake of Rebecca – gothic ghosts doing a sixty hour workshop ‘fashion with dead animals and earth’ – talking with the ghost of Lawrence Olivier and the phone goes off – writings on the hand – Berlin Tape Run – before Hollywood was destroyed – love for a spine in Paris – Chili girl – a mice murder story – old cartoon tape cover – the tape song sung by Adrian – short review to end the show.

Tapes played and reviewed
Tape Loop Extravagantia, released by lonktaar
campfire sessions 2013-2014, released by lonktaar
Voice of Canvas – Semaphore EKKO, released by Do You Dream of Noise?
Bridget Feral – String or Rope, released by embalming lately
Duo Dentale, released by Knife in the Toaster

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