The Wirebender presents a show in three parts: Gt Moore, David Harrow and Little Roy

A new show from our man in London, The Wirebender. Interviews, live sessions, electronic dub and a fine new release are the key features of this three part show.

In The Wirebender words

Gt Moores “Utopia” vinyl cut on the Jah Works label is one of my dj staple tracks, always in my box.

As it always stood apart?

Only recently I understand why, as it has one foot in the English folk scene and another in the roots reggae scene of the 1970’s jamaican dub scene.

Nearly 40 years ago GT Moore and friends were over in Jamaica recruited to complete, what was to be the last studio recording in the Black Ark with an ever closer to God, Lee Perry, in the guise of one “Pipecock Jackson.” The session where this came from is swathed in mythology.

Taking time out of the session Gt and co managed to fit in the no small matter of recording a number of tracks at the Harry -J studio’s. These session’s have finally seen the light of day, care of Partial records called ‘the Harry J sessions.’ The LP only re-surfaced after being rediscovered after a friends passing.

At a recent select record launch at their Brixton record shop GT kindly allowed me to interview him after, about that, the lost tapes, his career and future plans.

We caught up with GT alongside James Lascelles jamming at Brixton’s lion vibes, the record shop in south London. Interviewing him roadside. He kindly allowed us to record the jam session in the record launch, a session that I feel is rather special.

The second part of the show features Oicho, the latest releases from artsit and musician David Harrow .

David’s career as an individual artist via his solo work with such artist names as the 1990’s Technova has also seen him working alongside Björk, On u sound’s African head-charge and Dub syndicate to name but a few. Oicho “tokyo session” sees David delving deeper into electronic dub.

Closing the show with Little Roy’s new release jah jah let us in. Little Roy began his career at the age of 12 years in 1965 recording a few unsuccessful tracks with producers Coxsone Dodd and Prince Buster. He is part of the musical legacy, one of the founding Fathers of what we call ROOTS REGGAE ERA. He was the first to record a song with the word REGGAE with producer Prince Buster who named him Little R.

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