The Tape Review Show – Alan Dunn, Triomphe Musique, Lonktaar, Grabaciones de Tripa

A plate of French cheese – the life of Casanova – The Disaster Artist – eternal life again – radio waves bounce of the Moon – the origins of tinnitus explained – Moonlight Sinatra –

First tape played

Alan Dunn – Tape Britain, released by Alan Dunn

The great train robbery – throwing tapes out of windows – found tape movement – people on bicycles throwing tapes – star wars sneeze – what to throw out of your window, a dead body? – Henry Moore and the dead body – murder story – naked tapes, naked cats and naked dogs – Mengele and his pump organ

Second tape played

Aït Menguellet – Asefru, released by Triomphe Musique

breaking in your own room and write a review of your own bed, pretending to be someone else, like three bears in the Tape Modern – tapes found in a garage and Rinus getting years and facts wrong – Rinus’ and Adrian’s voices recorded on tape in a garage in Paris and now they play it on their radio and listen to it while they do the live show pretending they are doing the live show, but in fact are recording their conversation in a garage in Paris – true story – full Moon Monday and full Moon Friday – and what do they throw out of the window in Algiers –

Yoko Ono and the Japanese broom story – The avantgarde of broomsticks – John Who? – Adrian picks a card and reads French, rusty french – words only mice can read

Third tape played

Eugenio Luciano – Rien, released by Lonktaar

The sound of a kettle whistling – Radio On chip inserted in your brain –  go to someone’s home and come back with a one year supply bag full of Asian food – Adrian becomes high-grade eclectic Chinese cook – tiny people living in tins of Chinese cabbage – desperate greed – gastronomy talk – reduced food for reduced people – war generation famine talk – food sociology – Rinus never-ending food for the poor rant –

Fourth tape played

Ottaven – sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali #2, released by Lonktaar

Berghain heard from the basement next door, when maintenance work is going on – catacombs in Palermo – dead people with skin and hair – great grandmum and great grand burgermeister –  the biggest wedding market in the world – the story of an amazigh wedding festival – dancing with the ghosts of SS-soldiers – Ottaven sees them, mummified, in Palermo and his minds drifts off to the Atlas mountains – special shout out to Michele Mazzani and his Lonktaar label

Fifth tape played

Radical 207 – EP1, released by Grabaciones de Tripa

sonic codeine – Adrian does the Muppet show – Adrian doesn’t want to review the tape, but rather listen to the B-side

Sixth tape played

Radical 207 – EP1, released by Grabaciones de Tripa

Derek Jarman’s place – Peter Greenaway, Belly of an Architect – Greenaway’s Radio On movie, eating plastic tape from Yoko On trays – Adrian’s visit to Derek Jarman’s house – Why Adrian took his hair of after a picture of Derek Jarman – Derek Jarman, Derek Jarman, Dali Model, Andy Warhol movie – candle stuck up his arse – Tattooed Dali – Exploding minds – Drekko in the Garden – Derek Jarman, Derek Jarman, Derek Jarman on the coast and a beautiful garden and a view of a nuclear power station –

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