The Tape Review Show – Cosmovision Registros Andinos, Do You Dream of Noise, Akashic Records,

Climate, calendars and reborn plants – a children’s story and scary cats – May sales in the UK – toothless empire, second-hand country – Martin Scorsese and alley cats – count one hundred Dalmatians to put the kid asleep – a rat is killed by a tramp – sci-fi prophecy predicting worker rats the size of humans – birth control for rats – consciousness is everything – Stephen Hawking’s last words – rats in drones delivering amazon books – floating cities – leave earth –

DDR bedroom – Adrian reads a letter – Adrian reads the index – Adrian reveals the content of a tape – the testicle track – grandfather smokes a cigar and bets on the horses – inherit a horse – The Maltese whiskey/brothel/nazi connection, again

Mark Vernon – Remnant Kings, released by Cosmovision Registros Andinos

Adrian reads the track list – “I quite liked that” “Me too” – thinking of saturday sell-outs – Mr. Vernon is most welcome on our show – Rinus says, Mark Vernon has understood, maybe defined what you can use a cassette tape for: documenting, recycling, re-interpretation of material that results in an artistic documentation of what was and still is, under a different form – visualisation of a jumble sale hall – an incredible story from Malta again: Mom and the catholic SS-gang – The Secret Seven, The Furious Five – school bus talks, spitting people, stolen underwear – school bus hierarchy from illiterates at front to mafia at back

Low Lumens – The Distant, Everyday, released by Do You Dream of Noise

“We need romance” – The Orchid Tragedy – Right handed things to say – The Left Handed Occult Organisation – Left handed water colorist – The 500 kg Hauptbahnhof Bomb find – Hidden bombs in Berlin gardens – Bwadoooom – “we were singing along” – war memorials – pink cloud – kids in Cornwall on caravaning holidays – caravan parks – communal toilets that stink of cigarettes – kids that never want to be like men – music heard all over the caravan park over stasi speakers at 7 o’clock in the morning to wake people up – Ingmar Bergman land, where everything is black and white – watch a Bergman film and kill myself, or play chess – As soon as you enter Swedenland everything is in Black and White, the best black and white – and then, the pipelines to the color world of the very early childhood – do you dream of noise when you’re a baby

Vernon and Burns – From the Cable to the Grave, released by Akashic Records

Comparing the whiteness, different whites – colonial white and colgate white – cassette shelves made from extracted and ground teeth – Adrian reads the track titles – bearded tall and small nerds working at Maplins, releasing tapes after Maplins closed – Adrian reads the A4 information – Adrian reads with an Irish Terry Wogan accent – Rinus reads the track titles – sound like early years Pink Floyd titles – second-hand UK again – recycle country – “it will never be new again” – the commonwealth still exists – princess May – little chimpanzees holding her petticoats – seven minutes to the end of the show, what to do – “Buy this tape, because it is good” – circuit talking – abstract talking about board games – mouse table – illumination: the proportions of a tape cover and a football field are the same – Drawing the lines of a world cup play on the cover of the green Vernon and Burns tape, and that’s how they got the design – flee circus, Michael Bentine potty time, bacteria football match seen under the microscope – Don’t watch, make up your own microbes football match, buy bromide, chromosomes play from the right to the left, bacteria and viruses cheering from all around, football bacteria, thank you for listening.

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