Brave Ear Radio by Jason Honea w/Giorgio Gabber and Melanie Sevcenko

Brave Ear Radio is Jason Honea’s ongoing attempt to present and understand the vibrancy and diversity of the city he lives in, Berlin.

His guests on this show are Giorgio Gabber who runs the cassettelabel Das Andere Selbst and Melanie Sevcenko from whose press release we learn that she “is a journalist and poet.”

In the first part of the show Giorgio talks about his label, plays different tracks from his releases and tries to find an answer to Jason’s questions about ‘Berlin’ ‘Night’ ‘Dirt’ ‘Sound’ ‘Advice’ ‘Design’ ‘Dissatisfaction’ ‘My way or no way’ ‘song titles/album titles’

The second part of the show focusses on Melanie, who had to answer to questions about ‘Touched by words’ ‘Band’ ‘Poet hero’ ‘Frank Stanford’ ‘The battlefield with the moon says I love you’ ‘obsession’ ‘Importance’ ‘Feelings and passions’ ‘The book,’ which is ‘We Slept in Body Bags, Just in Case.’

Then there’s always a third part, which is also an eternal part: Jason, being a kind of poet and songwriter, finds stories from childhood, his younger or present years and turns these into an observation, a songline, a philosophy of some kind and eventually gets all this into a question. So, how does a guest react to this?

Brave Ear Radio w/Giorgio Gabber and Melanie Sevcenko broadcasts all through January on Monday 16:00-18:00 Berlin time World time