Lord Litter’s Radio On Show (Many Words)

A surreal story, a protest song – screaming, singing and dancing in the street, the Youth International Party…the Yippies! Wake Up America, Music is Revolution, Youth International Party manifesto!– ridicule religion, get high on oil, therapeutic theatre, anti-religion, and finally a guitar song that sounds like the old straight forward rock’n’roll heroin heroes that died of overdose….LL goes back in time, is that possible? Everything exists today. But … yesterday’s anger is today’s bliss. So, here’s Ken Montgomery again, together with Crystal Penelosa to visit LL and have a talk about the NoW!

After the visit, LL stumbles upon an old box with a DOG stamp on it. He opens it, only to find out that ghosts don’t exist.

Here’s the playlist.

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1. Let Us Out – Tale of a Trout – MC – Let Us Out (1991)

2. Walls Of Genius – Make America Mexican Again – the exception online release:

3. Abbie Hoffman – Ave Maria
4. Abbie Hoffman – Jesus
3/4 from double CD –  “Youth International Party 1967-2018 50th” double CD incl. Abbie Hoffman’s “Wake Up Amerika” and “Music is Revolution” compilation, plus booklet, plus poster

5. Mutant Press (and Friends) – I couldn’t get high – CD – Blood for Oil, Songs of the Fugs

Gen Ken Montgomery and Crystal Penelosa talking about what had happened after Generations Unlimited came back to live in 2015.
6. Crystal Penalosa – file – Puk
7. Gen Ken – Pimples, Bubbles, and Anchorites – MC – Various Artists – No Borders Compilation
8. Crystal Penalosa – file – seventenitheth Dn
9. Conrad Schnitzler – 4 minutes – MC – Various Artists – No Borders Compilation
Generator RVA: Now Playing (October 2017, Richmond Virginia)

>> KLAPPSTUHL Special……………..
10. Mr. Concept – “Do it” – CD – XXXVII
11. Institute of Noise – Unberuehrbar – CD – Achtung Messarbeiten!
12. Kalabris – Huepgburgrisiken / Hinterzarten / Trout Goat / Umdrehen (A Dog’s Box)

Post Scriptum, Ultimately there is no LL-show without the joyous chaosity produced by Hal McGee, one of the masters of the microcassetteplayers.

13. Hal McGee – unsubscribe now (excerpt) – CD – microcassettology
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