Don Campau – Between a Cold Blacksmith and an Intangible Cat

After a series of time travels Don Campau takes a break. His garage empty now, since he shipped all his old cassettes to Zeppelin City, he finds out that new cassettes kept on arriving in the post. Here are some of them, together with the stories that put the artists in a historical perspective.

This selection of tapes could easily be the promotion soundtrack for a great festival dedicated to cassette culture. As for now you can visit, or become a member of this on-line society.



Gen Ken Montgomery-Conrad Schnitzler/ Cold Blacksmith, Pictures/ New Dramatic Electronic Music/ Generations Unlimited, cassette 1988 ( 2016 )

David Prescott/ part 1/ Walking In Slow Circles/ Generations Unlimited, cassette1987 ( 2016 )
If Bwana/ Porto Piece 3/ Magnetic Beauty/ Generations Unlimited, cassette ( 2015 )
Chop Shop/ Silt/ 27 Years Later/ Generations Unlimited, cassette ( 2017 )


Captain MIssion/ Smoldering Water/ Analog Space/ Haltapes, cassette ( 2014 )
Hal McGee/ Drifting Off On An Adventure/ 59 Year Old Kid With A Tape Recorder/ Haltapes, cassette (2017 )
Hal McGee/ Side B/ 4230F/ Haltapes, cassette

Arma & Refusenik/ Meeting/ Noosephertilzer/ objects, cassette ( 2014 )
Gushing Cloud/ Activities Of Daily Living/Noosephertilizer/ objects, cassette ( 2014 )

Andrew Quitter/ Fog Ritual/ The Moon Is Hungry/ Intangible Cat cassette (2013 )
Homogenized Terrestrials/ Rings Are For Wizards/ The Moon Is Hungry/ Intangible Cat, cassette (2013)

Crudeuces/ Laughing In My Grave/ Earth Tape/ Intangible Cat, cassette ( 2013 )
Dog Hallucination/ Fawn Sight At Bottom Road/Earth Tape/ Intangible Cat, cassette ( 2013 )

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