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Look here, a show that speaks for itself. It starts with songs by a band that was sensational in the early years of youth culture. Nowadays you can wonder how the songs would come out of the vaporwave machine. Strange enough, or maybe not strange at all, LL has found a way to level the classics to all the other home-produced sounds he has brought to us all over the years.

But have a look at the playlist. This is radio. What else.

Classic Cassette Compilation
1. 48 Cameras – Eleanor Rigby
2. SHA 267 – Me:Shell!
3. M. Nomized – Blackbird (j’aime pas trop)
4. P. Silentelock & Co – Yellow Submarine
5. Machine Maid Man – Hello Goodbye
12/13 – The Great “We Love The Beetles” Swindle – 2 Music Cassette Compilation – comes in Curver mini Trash Can – sorry no more contact available

At the summer 2018 visit Generations Unlimited (Gen Ken Montgomery & Crystal Penalosa) talk about: Internet, Social Media, Electronic Cottage, cassettes today
Ambience created with the following casettes:
6. Conrad Schnitzler – RED (presenting the cassette player concert)
7. IF, BWANA – Porto Piece I, Percussion Box
8. Seidel & Montgomery – side a

> The Kylie GOLDEN Remix tape (Vol. 1 & 2)
9. Kylie Minogue – Golden Cassette
10. El Tonto Bing Bang – The very exiting Moment
11. Olivia Pathos – Ping Pong Ployd
12. Iggy Jazzrock – Are you ready for this?

>>> Darrell Draeger’s Cassette Culture Blog
13. Raul Salinas w/ Richard Rodriguez (Trumpet) – Casting My Vote – MC – INTIMACIES – “Austin Poets Audio Anthology Project Vol 01”
14. The Someday People – Kraftwerk Vs. Tarzan – MC – Very Silly!! (1989)

15. Hal McGee – flight patterns of birds (excerpt) – CD – between coincidence and augury

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