Don Campau – Museum Pieces

Don Campau is with Radio On for only a brief moment in his career. But I can’t remember when he did his first show for us. His choice had always been from his vast collection of cassettes. In his shows you could listen to sounds from the 1970s up to the now.

One day Don cleared his garage and sent all the cassettes to Zeppelin City in Germany. This was not the end of the world.

Don took us on a journey to the past and programmed some shows he did in the 1990s.

And now? LP’s.

But all the LP’s he plays in this show are re-issues on vinyl from cassettes that were first published in the 1980s. So we go back in time again. And simultaneously we are very much in the now. A disturbing and at the same time amusing view. Does this mean that Don takes us on an auditory tour through a virtual museum? Or is this the state of the underground nation as it is today, completely lost in time, ever more undefinable.

Needless to say that the present show is a masterclass in radio-ing.

Listen with curiosity!


Pep Llopis/ Montanas De Granito,  El Viejo Rey De La Serpiente, Jardines Acuaticos / Poiemusia/ Freedom To Spend LP
Marc Barreca/ Shopping, Glass And Steel #2, Music Works For Industry, VS Chorus / Music Works For Industry/ Freedom To Spend LP

Poliorico/ Sin Titulo ( 1986 ) / Spanish Underground Cassette Culture/ Insane Muzak LP
Oh Casio On/ Annuncios Por Palabras ( 1987 )/Spanish Underground Cassette Culture Insane Muzak LP

1985/ Madrid Es Una Cuidad Mundial ( 1984 )/ Spanish Underground Cassette Culture / Insane Muzak LP
Etica Makinal/ El Placer De La Carne ( 1986 )/ Spanish Underground Cassette Culture/ Insane Muzak LP

Smersh/ Judy Mach 7, Poppa Scooter Bobby Dub ( 1986 )/ The Beat From 20,000 Fathoms/ RRRecords LP
Bedroom Musician/ Subject Of Torture, Briefcase Prix/ Briefcase Prix/ —LP
Jorg Thomasius/ Poani ( 1998 )/ Tomato/ Generations Unlimited LP

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