Dai Coelacanth – Don’t lick the coins they will weigh you down

Dai Coelacanth arrived at Radio On in the year 2018. What is it? A prophet, a poet, a consumer gone mad? Is this the voice of Brexit? Is this a man who walked out of a Shakespearian play centuries ago and who still hasn’t found a stage that fits his words?

Maybe his own words can illuminate you:

“Last recording of 2018 and I say goodbye to my Cassette-corder TCM-150. The speaker was already broken. The microphone was bashed in. The motor was wheezing. And now there is nothing. It’s dead. I have acquired a TCM 20DV ready for the new year. Shouting in the street. Grumbling at the bus stop. Bewildered in the supermarket. Nothing changes. Happy new year listeners! Send me a psychic message! Let’s swap alphabets!”


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