Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Semiotics

This is fun. Lord Litter applies the early ideology of the internet and creates a hypertext. The playlist below is a disguise for a magazine, such one as only the internet can produce, with sounds, images and words.

Umberto Eco!

“So how do I make sense of the mess? I try to learn some basic labels. But there are problems here too: if I click on a URL that ends with .indiana.edu I think, Ah – this must have something to do with the University of Indiana. Like hell it does: the signpost is deceptive, since there are people using that domain to post all kinds of stuff, most of which has little or nothing to do with education. You have to grope your way through the signs. You have to recycle the semiological skills that allow you to distinguish a pastoral poem from a satirical skit, and apply them to the problem, for example, of weeding out the serious philosophical sites from the lunatic ravings.”

I found this quote here. Get your weeding utensils ready before you click. Or click and see one of the faces of your beloved internet.

1. New Zero God – Last Day of Sorrow – LP – Circus of Tortured Melodies – Teaser
2. Motherhood – Bird Chirp – CD – Dear Bongo –  –
Motherhood recommended video (Shivering Songs 2018 #1)


3. UNIT –  Muz Other Cassette Machine
4. UNIT –  Auf Den Punkt Gebracht
2/3 from – 2 CD Data Collection

extensive interview with Andy Martin
In Memory of Stephen Parsons / BBP / KFR

5.  max.bab – meer – CD – wild pitch


6.  Anna Homler, Adrian Northover, Dave Tucker – FTS003 – Secha – LP – FTS003

7. Screamin Popeyes – Gas Music – MC – “Gas Music From Jupiter” (1990) – taken from Darrell Draeger’s cassette culture experience:
Screamin Popeyes article by Don Campau


8 Moon Goose – Dark Shit – double LP + CD – Source Code –
9. Nik Turner‘s New Space Ritual – Steppenwolf – double LP – The 16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Live –

10. The Dirk Hartung Combo – Drained Wait – MC – Drained Wait (1988) – taken from Darrell Draeger’s cassette culture experience:

Guido Erfen article by Don Campau


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